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Reading Strategies from English Online
Text Processing strategies used to help readers include:
  • attending and searching (looking for particular text forms/information)
  • predicting (for example, what will happen next?)
  • cross-checking (to check the reading makes sense)
  • self-correcting (searching for information when an error is found).

Text Comprehension strategies are:
  • making connections
  • forming and testing hypotheses about texts
  • asking questions about texts
  • creating mental images/visualising
  • inferring meanings from texts
  • identifying writer's purpose and point of view
  • identifying a main theme or idea
  • summarising information/events in texts
  • analysing and synthesising ideas
  • evaluating ideas and information.

English Online is a valuable resource for all literacy resources and links.
Literacy Tools

1. Lexile Framework for Reading
- How to analyse text and websites for reading age
- Look up the reading age of books for your students, or get recommendations.

2. The Egg: A detailed English grammar guide.

3. Diagramming Sentences
- A really helpful site that gives a visual person a better understanding of sentence structure.
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