Professional Development

  • Spoke at Connected Rotorua teachers meeting on being RTC Ready; using digital platforms for Registered Teachers Criteria. Some more about it on Marnel's blog here.
  • Mentored a second-year teacher student in my class for four weeks in Term 3.
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Educampnz Rotorua, read my blog post here.

I have attended and presented at many Educamps over the years. I still remember being nervous going to my first Educamp in 2009, sharing teaching and learning with other professionals seemed scarier back then, see if you can spot me in the pink shirt. Here is a blog post from a 2013 Educam. Presented and participated virtually in the first Mindcraft Educampin September 2014, and the November EduCampNZ Christchurch 2014 #educampchch.

Professional Reading

Thanks to a school dedicated to high quality professional development, I have had amazing PD with some of the leaders in their educational areas this year.
  • Mathematics - Nicky Knight
  • Literacy - Alison Davis
  • Spelling - Joy Allcock

At my current school we use MyPortfolio School for our PD eportfolio. I also used the university version once when studying a paper through Massey, the data / sites were not able to synchronize Both times I have found it an insular and difficult site to use in it's current state.


Twitter is a daily and constant source of professional development. Fantastic for finding new resources, testing ideas, collaborating or finding collaborators are just a few ays I have used it. I highly recommend taking part in weekly discussions on teaching and learning via hashtags such as #edtalks or #edtalksnz.


Education conference held in Auckland 2012. I will be attending as a learner and also presenting a workshop on cooperative and collaborative teaching, as well as using MyPortfolio in primary school.

PD for staff
HPS EnviroSchool Staff Introduction

Education conference held in Rotorua 18 - 21 October 2011 was my first conference and I also presented a workshop on using Google Apps for Education in the classroom.
See my blog post about Ulearn 11 here.


Bailey Road School Staff Wiki

This is a wiki I created for the staff to share learning and resources.


2010 unconference organised by my e-learning PLN. I will be sharing "inanimate Alice: a transliteracy adventure".
30 August 2011

- Feedback from principal


PD as learner
- Post Graduate Diploma: e-learning, at Massey University.
- leading, creating and presenting professional development in e-learning and science.
- participating in a New Zealand wide collaborative e-learning PLN; Elearningclassroom.

Advanced Wiki And Blog Users: Team Solutions by Jacqui Sharpe

Restorative Justice
1. I attended a day course as part of whole school PD beginning of 2009. This is my blog reflection.
2. In 2010 I attended a 3 day PD workshop run by Restorative Schools aimed at developing teachers to manage restorative conversation on all levels. This is my blog reflection on the workshop.

LPDP Reading and Writing: by Kate