I have always been a lover of nature and practice sustainable gardening at home. I introduced gardening to my first school (Bailey Road School) as the Garden Club and am proud that they have taken that spirit to create a magnificent gardens and became a Bronze EnviroSchool the same day as my current school did. This is my first year (2012) leading the EnviroSchool program and helped established a strong culture of environmental awareness and care. Along side it I have developed a healthy lunch program and school culture supported by a school Master Chef event that looks to become a tradition.

After the announcement of leaving my last school one of my Enviro Monitors sent me this touching testament.

Hey Shaun today when I heard you were leaving I got a massive shock. I don't know where to start. I give you my credit because you shaped me into an enviro wise learner. I can't thank you enough that you choose me last year to be an enviro leader. I liked how each Friday last year that I'd go to flippa ball and we would always used to joke around about who would clean your car! The enviro work we did was amazing. We reached our achievement of bronze and even though you'll be gone ill make a promise from a student to a teacher that I will do the best of my ability to get us there! As the eldest enviro monitor ill put myself forward into becoming more of a leader to the group. Plus don't worry I'll try not to forget to do the cardboard bin each week! The chickens you thought of as your babies and now much more precious to me because you made them special. With other students that have done the planning we enviro monitors will try keep a progress for our chicken coop. I guess we've still got to stay in contact because well who else knows as much about the chickens as you! The compost bin will hopefully become part of our bin system this year as well and ill do my best to see if we've got issues with our waste to resolve it with the other monitors. The waste audits we conducted were a blast and I hopefully still think that we can work with Finn to do all these things! So thanks again Shaun for inspiring me and shaping me into the enviro wise learner I am today. I'll give you a couple promises that a young man has to make to someone he looks up to - I promise that I'll help our school get to silver EnviroSchool, i promise that well get our chicken and rabbits a safer home, I promise to keep our waste system to a high and sustainable standard, I promise that ill keep finding gaps to our Eco system at school and resolve them and I promise, that even though I'm leaving this year ill keep changing my environment wherever I am!

In the last school newsletter for 2012, my principal acknowledges my EnviroLeaders and myself.
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My EnviroSchool Journey documented on our School Google Edu Site and Blog.