Video by Edtalks at Ulearn 2012; talking about teacher collaboration

Co-operative and Collaborative teaching from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Blog pre Ulearn 2012

Term 3 2010
Seeking collaboration for students blogs using my Twitter PLN.

Another teacher responds and it seems we can help each other. I have found my students are more engaged in blogging and commenting when they have a real audience. Last term they found having regular comment conversations with our Rocky Shores collaborating school (Super Scoopers in Dunedin) rewarding as they began building personal learning relationships. They valued each others comments and suggestions. We also began learning about teaching others, so this should be an excellent opportunity.
We connect via email to discuss our ideas and outcomes we would like to see happen.

Wiki: Shared Learning and Collaboration 2010
Rocky Shore collaborative wiki and Skype with Appleby School, Nelson and St Clair School, Dunedin.

Ni River Middle School: Our partner school in the USA we learnt about each others countries.


Elearning4globalcitizenship Wiki

The elearning4globalcitizenship (Taylor, Wood, & Gray, 2011) wiki produced by my learning group is a collection of resources for teachers to use when scaffolding digital literacy, communication and etiquette for primary, middle and secondary school aged students. These are just three of the nine elements of digital citizenship.

Taylor, L., Wood, S., & Gray, A. (2011). elearning4globalcitizenship. Retrieved from