Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details
Shaun Wood
Citizenship: New Zealand

Personal Statement
I am a mature and focused person with a wealth of life and business experience, that I believe enriches my teaching and learning. I started as a leader early on in my military career and refined my people and business skills while running my own business for five years. As a self confessed geek, my passion is providing teaching and learning for students entering a digital world. Values play an important role in my teaching, and I strive to model and actively teach these. I have a strong professional learning network(PLN) which I use to share, collaborate, and learn from my peers. I am a life-long learner I am currently studying by distance, a PDG Diploma (e-learning) at Massey University. My aim to give children a strong foundation in both literacy and numeracy, with a focus on the key competencies.

Personal Interests
Science; Gardening; Web; Twitter; Facebook; Baking; Anime; Science fiction and fantasy; Pet rats.

- Post Graduate Diploma in Education: E-learning (in progress)
- Bachelor of Teaching & Learning - University of Canterbury (2008)
- Diploma in Graphic Design - South Africa (1996)

- E-learning: leading e-learning professional development for the school and deliver staff professional development.
- Develop school web presence and policies.
- Manage the school website and create supporting staff and student wiki.
- Deliver staff e-learning PD at staff meetings.
- Assisting with ICT strategic planning and budgeting.
- ICT Committee: have instigated most of the new policies and procedures. I also provide professional development training at staff meetings and individually to teachers.
- Science Committee: although just a member of this committee, I have been the main organiser/leader for this group, including planning and running of staff meetings.
- Soap Box Derby: I usually plan and organise this extramural event for the school.
- Restorative Justice: I have been trained in restorative justice, which is a discipline alternative that is gaining recognition in NZ.

- Presenting a workshop on Google Apps in the Classroom, at Ulearn 2011 (NZ educational conference)
- Becoming "Google Apps for Education" certified (two of six modules completed).
- My Class Blog 2010 was nominated for a Best Class Blog in 2010. Three of my students entered and were finalists in the TVNZ6 NetGuide MultiMedia Challenge
for a website they created.
- A transmedia literacy resource for teachers I created using the story "Inanimate Alice" to scaffold and provide resources to other educators. It is also mentioned on the Inanimate Alice FaceBook page.
- The U.K Guardian newspaper published an article on how classroom blogs are becoming a better way to teach. My class blog was mentioned as an example.
- 2010 Top 100 Classroom Blogs
- Setting up and establishing a Garden Club to the school and beginning the schools journey to becoming an EnviroSchool.
- Collaboration with other schools and creating a shared wiki.

Teaching Experience
2011 teaching Year 8
2009 - 2011 taught Year 6
- Teacher Trainee (below)
Banks Avenue Primary, Year 5/6
Queenspark Primary, Year 7/8
Bamford Primary, Year 0/1
Sumner Primary, Year 3/4
Curriculum Strengths and Interests
ICT; E-learning; Science/Technology; Art; Transmedia Literacy.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe a classroom should be a safe emotional learning environment where the children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey. It is a creative and inspiring environment, rich in resources that continue to scaffold learning.
I am passionate about reading and writing. I believe literacy and numeracy are the foundations of learning. Literacy has developed new forms and meanings as technology expands and changes the way people communicate. I believe children need to be multimedia literate to succeed in their future. In such a changing world, Inquiry Learning is vital to teach strategies for critical and creative thinking. It also develops collaborative learning and social skills. I believe students need the opportunity to engage with a concept in many contexts.
I think all children should value their own cultures and learn to appreciate others. Diversity strengthens us as a team and is something worth celebrating. I am strongly committed to open communication and engagement with parents and the wider community. I believe parent interaction and support are important in motivating and reinforcing learning within the school environment.

Pre-Teaching Employment History
Feb 2003 – Current
Mar 2001 – Feb 2003
May 1999 – Feb 2001
Jan 1991 – Jan 1999
Jan 1985 – Dec 1990
Jan 1982 – Dec 1984
Biohazard Safety Cabinets
St Moritz Hotel – Queeenstown
Novotel – Auckland
Graphic Design – Johannesburg
Construction – Johannesburg
South African Army
Reservations Sales Manager
Duty Manager
Graphic Designer
My varied careers have taught me many skills. Hands-on technical skills that require critical and creative thinking within safety guidelines have been essential. I have a strong ICT knowledge from my graphic and web design work, along with my self taught e-learning skills. Graphic design has taught me the impact of visual communication in our world, this applies especially to transliteracy which dominates literacy in the 21st century world yet hardly ever taught in schools. Within the hospitality industry I interacted with people from all walks of life within various management roles, which further developed my communication and people skills. I interact easily with people in a positive and meaningful way that makes them feel valued.